John Andrews

John Andrews

John joined the RAF at age 17.5 as an Airframe Mechanic, and spent time on many aircraft in his 12 years: 29 Sqn with ADV F3 Tornado, RAF Leuchars structures bay, and then a posting to Tornado ASF in Germany. After a brief stint at St. Athan on Tornado majors as a civil as he came out of the RAF in 1996, before going to the middle east and after a year in Oman he joined BAE in Saudi Arabia were he spent 12 years as a “crew chief” on Tornado IDS, training the Royal Saudi Air Force on the aircraft. In total, John has over 20 years experience on the Tornado.

He is now at Airtanker on the Airbus A330 ‘Voyager’ engineering team, as well as being an RAF Sponsored Reservist for Airtanker. He recently gained his CAA B1 Licence and has completed his Airbus A330 type course, therefore keeping up his aircraft ‘spannering’ skills!  After working on aircraft for over 30, John still loves what he does, and says that being an Sponsored Reserve makes up for having to leave the RAF before he wanted to and feels like he’s giving a bit back.

Likes: motorsport, travelling, ale, movies and cycling… whether on his mountain bike, road bike, but most of all on his Honda VFR!

Dislikes: can’t stand Football, doesn’t ‘suffer’ fools well….

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